Monday, October 15, 2012


Well, this is my first blog, I never thought that I would start blogging I never saw the need for it until now.  It’s not that I have anything against it it’s just that I have not found it useful.  But now here I am trying to give my 2¢ to the world, hoping that the world gives me two cents back per word LOL.  Since this is my first time it might seem a little messy for I have never really even seen a blog before and I’m not sure whether or not it is necessary to have like an introduction to what I will be talking about.  I don’t want this to seem like a journal of some kind, but rather just a combination of everything under the sun.

  Who knows maybe someone out there is already doing the same thing, but this is my space and hopefully people that bump into this blog will not have bumped in to any another one just like it.  As I do not know if an introduction is in order I guess I’ll just try to list out a couple of things that you might find in my blog so as to try to make your experience as pleasant as possible.  Since I am a compulsive buyer I will most likely be blogging about every little stupid thing that I have wound up buying in the last few days.  Not intended as a review blog but just to keep it interesting you will be learning of the pros and cons in my point of view.

You never know if my opinion might change your mind on a certain purchase or if you also are a compulsive buyer just wondering what someone else has to say about the product.  But so much for that, since I am kind of a tech junkie most of my compulsive purchases will be tech oriented but as I said before it’s a combination of everything under the sun, whether it was just something I saw online and had to have it that moment, to the latest gadgets that must replace my outdated phone. Believe me, categorizing myself as a compulsive buyer does not automatically mean that I have the money to indulge myself as I wish I could.  Because, the fact remains that I can’t always afford certain things, unfortunately that doesn't seem to stop me from wanting something that I might not really need and trying desperately to get it for a bargain price.  Isn't that what America is all about?

   OK then my next post though a little outdated is one of the purchases that I most regret making in one of my most trying times economically speaking, you might get a laugh or you might even identify with it, but in any case though most of the time I try to justify my purchases you will hear both sides of the coin keeping in mind that instead of buying food or paying for my rent my mind was thinking “ I've got to the have to it.”

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